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Is the largest holding company in Iran that exports Iranian products all over the world. Saadiran’s advantages include wide supply chain of more than 176 different industries, capital security and complete monitoring of all stages, from purchase to delivery of goods without risk…






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poison and fertilizer

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Saadiran, the gateway of safe trading

At Saadiran, we understand the concerns of foreign buyers of Iranian products. We also believe in the ability and honesty of the Iranian producers. So…


We assure our foreign customers that the products they buy through Saadiran, will have quality stability over time, and if there is any problem, we will accept the responsibility and pay a fine to compensate for possible damages.

On the other hand, the only concern of the producers should be the processes of production. Producers should not worry about time-consuming administrative activities, banking problems, dishonesty and misbehavior of buyers, identifying the real buyers, etc.! At Saadiran, we’ve solved these concerns for producers; our buyers have been identified and validated very carefully in the export target markets, so your profit is guaranteed. Saadiran has developed its own tools to transfer the funds, safe from sanctions and sudden changes and in a completely legal manner.